About Us 

We transform healthcare in the communities we serve by providing a non-surgical, non-drug, team approach to treatment of common painful conditions.

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Foundations Health and Physical Medicine

About Our Practice

Foundations Health and Physical Medicine in Norway, MI provides a full range of pain management and wellness services including regenerative medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, functional medicine, and low back and knee decompression modalities. Founded by Michael Zevitz, MD and Dennis Murvich, D.C.

Qualified Doctors

Our doctors and medical staff are experienced and more than capable to assist you with your pain.

Revolutionary Equipment

We are proud to provide the newest and safest technologies for our patients.

Top Medical Facility in Norway, MI

Welcome to Foundations Health and Physical Medicine, where we take pride in the thoroughness of our physical exams, our ability to take the time to listen to our patient’s concerns, and our team approach to building a custom treatment plan for each of our patients. We understand that you may not have responded to traditional medical or alternative healthcare treatments in the past, and take great pride in improving function and relieving pain via that same team approach.

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